Build a simple and easy note-taking system

Have you always felt that OneNote, Evernote, Youdaoyun Note, and other tools are a bit uncomfortable to use? I just want to use a simple and convenient note-taking system that can be used anywhere, but the common note-taking software on the market is getting bloated, and the niche software is worried about whether it will die. Here I will provide you with an idea. If you want a file format common to all platforms and suitable for note-taking, then Markdown should be a good choice. Markdown has a simple syntax and a beautiful layout. With an elegant editor like Typora, it can achieve a great experience on the computer side. Of course, Markdown also has its shortcomings. Because this file format itself cannot save pictures, Markdown users often have to find a way to solve the problem of using pictures on all platforms. One of the most worry-free ways is to purchase storage services from large cloud service providers such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud and build a picture bed with a s